Self Less

How do we express love in our marriages and relationships? How important is faith to how we do so, and what is the ultimate goal of love in the first place?

Join us for our February series, “Self Less,” as we use Ephesians 2 and Ephesians 5 to see our marriages and relations from a missional and eternal perspective.

After this series, may we all understand that God selflessly loved us first, and we have opportunity to mirror this love with everyone we meet, so that they may experience God’s love through us.

Here is the list of weekly topics:

  • Week 1: Love
  • Week 2: Marriage
  • Week 3: Relationships
  • Week 4: Compassion
  • If you’re posting about the "Self Less" series, please use the official hashtag #SelfLessPH.

Don’t forget to invite your family and friends! See you at our services!