How can we develop a deep, exciting, and extraordinary faith life? How can we move our relationship with Jesus to the next level, resulting in a fulfilling, passionate life that testifies to the power of the gospel?

Join us as we delve deeper into the qualities of a growing, fruitful disciple in our new series, “Forward”! This series will take us through nine key qualities that revolve around following Jesus, fishing for men, and fellowshipping with believers. After this series, may we all aspire to and take steps toward a greater, more exciting walk with Jesus.

Check out the list of weekly topics:

Week 1: Spiritual Disciplines
Week 2: Essential Doctrines
Week 3: Life Change
Week 4: Understanding the Gospel
Week 5: Preaching the Gospel
Week 6: Discipleship Mandate
Week 7: Church Community
Week 8: Relational Unity
Week 9: Shared Life

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